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Eastbound is a motorcycle special tools manufacturer from The Netherlands. Eastbound designs, manufactures and sells multifunctional motorcycle recovery tools and special lightweight and ultracompact travel tools. Tools which are easy to store on your adventure, enduro or street bike. In addition, Eastbound has added a number of 

high quality items to its product range. Items which are also considered as essential for enduro, long distance and adventure motorcycle travel. The Eastbound products are unique and innovative, easy to use and easy store on your motorbike where weight and storage space come at a premium.

Eastbound MotoWinch

The Eastbound MotoWinch is a very unique multifunctional recovery tool. Because of its innovative character and uniqueness, it may require a due introduction and detailed explanation about its application and functionality, ...

Eastbound Tyre-Pro Tools

The Eastbound Tyre-Pro Tool set, like the MotoWinch, is a unique technical product. Its features surpasses those of other tire repair tools, particularly in the area of multifunctionality, compactness and weight...

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What will you do when you have crashed your bike, you are injured and can’t lift your bike anymore……