Self-reliance is Key to Adventure Riding
The MotoWinch is your ticket to autonomy

Do you regularly ride solo or are you an Adventure Rider?

  • Can you lift your bike by yourself? Can you lift it with 35kg / 75lbs luggage?
  • Undergone a Back or Knee surgery, want to extend your riding career but want to keep riding your favourite bike? 

The MotoWinch provides you with autonomy (again) on solo weekend trips or off the beaten track adventure rides. No more fear of dropping your bike and having to wait until helping hands pass by.

lifting a fallen motorcycle
lifting a dropped motocycle
dropped motorcycle

The MotoWinch multifunctional features;

  • Winch to lift your dropped bike. Also think about pinned down situations
  • Service jack for general maintenance (chain lube, brakes, etc.)
  • Axle wheel nut spanner set (optional)
  • Bead breaker to separate tyre from rim (optional)
  • Tyre spoon set to remove / mount tyre from / on rim (optional)

Although initially designed for lifting of  heavy Adventure bikes, the MotoWinch can lift almost any motorbike without overloading your back, shoulders or knees. From unpacking until having the bike back on its wheels will only take a few minutes. Because of its multifunctional character, it will save packing volume, weight and money on tools that you need anyway for your adventure trip or holiday.

Christopher Moritz
2019/05/25 at 1:14 pm
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I have a beast of a bike Super Tenere. I have dropped my 600+ pound bike more than once and it’s getting darn near impossible to pick up when riding solo. The MotoWinch is the hot ticket for saving your strength and continuing on your way with no drama. It’s compact, quick to setup, and simple to use. Another big plus is how well it’s fabricated. High quality components and nice tight fitting extensions. Don’t forget to get the optional Delrin load spreader. It doubles for a kickstand pad in the soft stuff. Thank you Eastbound!
Laura Buitron, #chicamotorunner
2019/05/24 at 12:30 pm
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I have a BMWf800GSA, a quite big and heavy bike for my body frame and strength. Different bike size give different riding experiences and I don’t want to give up my GSA, or stop riding solo, or stop daring to ride remote areas only because I drop my bike a lot … a lot! The MotoWinch has become the perfect solution for me and my riding style and bike size. Ride your ride and get the proper tools and accessories to allow to do it your way. Thumbs up for Eastbound helping me to get where I want!
Simon Creasey
2018/06/27 at 2:28 pm
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The Eastbound motorcycle hoist is a beautifully designed and constructed bit of kit. It stows in one small pouch and can be deployed in a couple of minutes. It is very easy to assemble and to use. It made very light work of lifting my Africa Twin although if you have a bike of this weight you would be well advised to choose the larger of the two ratchet options. I chose the smaller, which coped perfectly well with lifting my bike but the larger would be make the task easier. Noel (at Eastbound) has been exceptionally helpful throughout. I also ordered tyre leaver set and ring spanners. He contacted me to let me know that I had over-ordered some of the parts and was also more than happy to swap the ratchet blocks referred to above. The tyre levers have also been beautifully designed and constructed although I haven’t had a chance to use them yet, I have every expectation that they will perform exceptionally well. In summary, design, construction, ease of use and after sales support are all outstanding. I strongly recommend Eastbound to you.
Brad Cass
2019/06/29 at 10:00 pm
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Hi mate, well I must thank you for making such an awesome bit of kit with the winch. Yesterday I had my bike on its stand in muddy conditions. I went to stand on the peg to mount it when it fell. My leg was pinned under the rear pillion peg and I was stuck in mud on my side. I was able to get the winch from its holder I made and after about 10 minutes lifted the rear up enough to get my leg out. Luckily I only ride with quality boots otherwise my leg would have broken.

Some data;

  • the MotoWinch (LC1500) weighs only 1650 grams (3,64lbs )
  • package size is approximately 25x12x10cm (10×4.7×4″).
  • all critical parts are CNC machined from billet 7075 T6 “aerospace” aluminium. 
  • 7075 T6 material strength is almost twice as strong as regular steel. 
  • NONE of the aluminium parts have been welded because welded aluminium loses a significant amount of its strength. 

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