MotoWinch, Keeping The Dream Alive...

Solo Adventure Riding

Can you lift your bike by yourself?    Can you lift it with 35kg / 75lbs luggage?

The MotoWinch is a very compact and light weight motorcycle hoist and multi tool which will lift any fallen motorbike! No more need to risk your back trying to pick-up your bike! The MotoWinch weighs only 1650 grams (3,64lbs ) and the package size is approximately 25x12x10cm (10×4.7×4″). All  MotoWinch critical parts are made of 7075 T6 “aerospace” aluminium with a tensile strength of over 520 N/mm2 (75500 psi), which is almost twice as strong as regular construction steel (275 N/mm2) or regular aluminium alloys such as 6061 (260N/mm2) or 6082 (320N/mm2). 

More importantly, NONE of the aluminium parts have been welded because welded aluminium loses a significant amount of its load carrying capacity.   

The MotoWinch has been designed to be a multifunctional tool, offering you a;

  • Winch to lift your dropped bike
  • Service jack for general maintenance (chain lube, brakes, etc.)
  • Axle wheel nut spanner set (optional)
  • Bead breaker to separate tyre from rim (optional)
  • Tyre spoon set to remove / mount tyre from / on rim (optional)

Although initially designed for lifting of  heavy Adventure bikes, with the MotoWinch you can lift most motorbikes without hurting your back, shoulders or knees. From unpacking the MotoWinch until having the bike back on its wheels will only take a few minutes.

Because of its multifunctional character, it will save packing volume, weight and money on tools that you need anyway for your adventure trip or holiday. See MotoWinch options. 

The MotoWinch provides you with autonomy again to go on weekend trips or adventurous holiday away from the beaten track. No more fear of dropping your bike and having to wait until helping hands pass by.

MotoWinch Functionality

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MotoWinch Components

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