Eastbound MotoWinch LC2500daN

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The LC2500daN MotoWinch for large Adventure bikes of over 250kg / 550lbs, including luggage. For detailed technical information please refer to; MotoWinch Info 

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What the MotoWinch can do for you?
Are you looking for help to lift a dropped motorcycle? Let the fear of being unable to lift your dropped motorcycle not keep you from going on solo trips. The MotoWinch provides you with autonomy again to go on weekend trips or adventurous rides, away from the beaten track. No more fear of dropping your bike and having to wait until helping hands pass by.

The MotoWinch is designed for minimum weight, maximum compactness. It combines functionality of several application and you can use it on almost any bike. When treated with care it will last a life time.

Compact and very light. 
The MotoWinch shaft is composed of five Aluminium tubular sections, 3 x 25mm (1″) plus 2 x 20mm (0.8″) which are nestable inside the 25mm shafts. It packes as 3 shafts of 22,5cm (8.8″) long. The five shafts are connected with male/female connectors, turning it into one very strong shaft.
The 110cm (43.3″) working height of the MotoWinch is chosen to allow easy lifting of all types of  motorbikes, including tall dual sports bikes.

The Lc2500 MotoWinch offers you a;

  • Winch to lift your dropped motorcycle.

  • Service jack for general maintenance, like chain lube, brake inspection, etc.

  • Bead breaker tools to separate tyre from rim (optional).

  • Axle wheel nut spanner tool set to remove your wheels (optional).

  • Tyre spoon tool set to remove / mount tyre from / on your rims (optional)

The LC2500 MotoWinch is intended for heavier motorbikes like cruisers and for motorbikes with a high center of gravity, like big Adventure bikes, including possible luggage. On these big motorbikes, the LC1500 MotoWinch becomes unpractical and heavy to operate. The LC2500daN package is a bit wider and 0,4kg (0,88lbs) heavier than the LC1500daN.

To see the MotoWinch in action, click HERE

or on the Eastbound YouTube channel


Additional information

Weight2.35 kg
Dimensions25 × 15 × 15 cm

3 reviews for Eastbound MotoWinch LC2500daN

  1. LAURA BUITRON – Chicka Motorunner

    I have a BMWf800GSA, a quite big and heavy bike for my body frame and strength. Different bike size give different riding experiences and I don’t want to give up my GSA, or stop riding solo, or stop daring to ride remote areas only because I drop my bike a lot … a lot! The MotoWinch has become the perfect solution for me and my riding style and bike size. Ride your ride and get the proper tools and accessories to allow to do it your way. Thumbs up for Eastbound helping me to get where I want!

  2. Christopher Moritz

    I have a beast of a bike Super Tenere. I have dropped my 600+ pound bike more than once and it’s getting darn near impossible to pick up when riding solo. The MotoWinch is the hot ticket for saving your strength and continuing on your way with no drama. It’s compact, quick to setup, and simple to use. Another big plus is how well it’s fabricated. High quality components and nice tight fitting extensions. Don’t forget to get the optional Delrin load spreader. It doubles for a kickstand pad in the soft stuff. Thank you Eastbound!

  3. Brad Cass

    Hi mate, well I must thank you for making such an awesome bit of kit with the winch. Yesterday I had my bike on its stand in muddy conditions. I went to stand on the peg to mount it when it fell. My leg was pinned under the rear pillion peg and I was stuck in mud on my side.
    I was able to get the winch from its holder I made and after about 10 minutes lifted the rear up enough to get my leg out.
    Luckily I only ride with quality boots otherwise my leg would have broken.

    So from the bottom of my heart thank you

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