Tube Repair Kit, Heavy Duty – Rema TipTop

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Tube Repair Kit

A very practical “Car & Truck” heavy duty motorcycle inner tube repair kit (size 110 x 90 x 25mm)

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Whilst traveling along rough, uneven roads or dirt tracks, it is essential to prevent tyre punctures. However, should a puncture occur, this Tube Repair Kit enables a tube puncture to be repaired and provides a sustainable repair to continue your journey. Inside the practical case, you will find all you need to patch a puncture and to re-inflate the tyre.  


  •  SVS-Vulcanizing fluid 10 gram,
  • Grater to clean tube,
  • Application instructions.
  • Tube patches;
    • 2x round 45mm,
    • 1x round 54mm,
    • 1x round 75mm,
    • 4 x round 37mm,
    • 1x oval 75x37mm,
    • 1x oval 90 x 45mm)

If you need to patch your tire then you probably also need to reinflate it.
See a great little pump for that purpose HERE

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Weight0.08 kg
Dimensions11.0 × 9.0 × 2.5 cm


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