Eastbound Tyre-Pro Base Pack (2 modular spoons+bead breaker)

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The ‘Base Pack’ contains;

  • two complete lightweight Eastbound tire levers, (4 lever elements + 2 spoons),
  • one Eastbound bead breaker,
  • two storage pouches.

You can complete your Tyre-Pro tool set with lightweight spanners in the specific sizes of your motorcycle plus a variety of other Tyre-Pro options.

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This modular tool set is completely customizable depending on your wishes and motorcycle requirements.

Features (optional);

  • add extra tire spoons,
  • lever sets,
  • spanners in sizes 17, 19, 22, 24, 27 or 32mm,
  • 1/4″ square socket drive,
  • WheelWedge / bead lock,
  • extra pouches

Detailed technical information about the Tyre-Pro toolset can be found HERE

Additional information

Weight0.450 kg
Dimensions17 × 10 × 2.5 cm

4 reviews for Eastbound Tyre-Pro Base Pack (2 modular spoons+bead breaker)

  1. Gionata Nencini

    Ultra light, compact sized, reliable, strong, effective and a must have for any adventure ride. Highly recommended! http://www.partireper.it

  2. Marc Attree

    Great quality product, well designed packs up into two small pouches easy to store on the bike.
    Would recommend getting this kit.

  3. Jason Clarke

    I received my tyre pro kit and was impressed on how light and compact it all was. (Which is why I invested in it in the first place)
    I bought my tyre and tried them out.
    I bought the 27mm spanner for my rear wheel of my Tiger 800xc. I used it and that was all good so I started the front tyre change.
    I also got the 3/8” socket drive for the front axle bolt.
    It takes quite a lot of force to remove a motorbike tyre and my brother was saying the levers would bend or worse still, break. I told him they’re built to do the job and trust them. The bead breaker worked a treat and once the tyre was off and changed the wedge also worked like a dream to aid putting it back on. That and some Vaseline.
    This is the first time I’ve changed a tyre on a motorbike and thought I’d practice in the garage and not on a mountain track somewhere.
    All in all I love them. 10/10. And hope I never have to use them 😉

  4. LAURA BUITRON – Chicka Motorunner

    I have a BMWf800GSA, and most of the time I ride solo and pretty remote areas. I have had a bunch of flat tires and with semi knobby tires my main problem was to break the bead, a great frustration as I had spare tubes and couldn’t fix my own tire. I have the MotoWinch from Eastbound and after using and realizing how easy was to use and how well was designed and fabricated, I got the Tyre-Pro Lever Set … now I do not doubt taking any lonely road for fear of having a flat tire and getting stuck! #chicamotorunner

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